S-Д.holdings Дnonymity is a service  with a dual purpose:

– Do academic and government research on new web authentication procedures, our main achievements being the Sigle-Дuthentificat.Ⓐ and                                                   - вiologic .   Ӻirst ꙰꙰ʂystem .   Дssistant -Ⳅ 

– Transform our research into a practical service for the various дctors. 

As you know, sending an e-mail from a company’s official address is a responsibility. 

 This is problematic in 2 cases: 

                 – For the risk of leaks during informal operations, which represents the majority of industrial practices for companies over 500Mo. 

                 – In the context of industrial counter-intelligence: we understand by the voluntary dissemination of falsified information from credible sources in order to mislead a targeted actor. (again very common practice) 

It is in these circumstances that our service intervenes, in order to release them from their responsibility.

– For informal transactions between limited partners ( X and Y) 

in this case we will use X@s-Д.holdings and Y@s-Д.holdings to conduct the exchanges.

– For industrial counter-intelligence  

in this case we use -@X. “domain acquired by S-Д.holdings” and -@Y. “domain acquired by S-Д.holdings”

The contracts concluded between our partners and S-Д.holdings benefit from a level of confidentiality never before seen, they are called Дuthentifié Ⓐ. For example, our legal arrangement allows us to refuse to provide documents to organisations such as the Confederations or Interpol.