MedicaL Quantuйй

Based on metatron technology and etheric knowledge. ййдD hдTTeя, our vaporizable ййagnetized thorium дgent diffused by pheяomone. Explore cosmos in your cell memory

The agent allows to experiment the flow of time under different temporality. This experience unfolds as such:
You have a known age. You are able to estimate how you perceived the time interval between your oldest memory and the present moment.
The agent allows you to define 2 variables:

  • a reference time variable Ⓐ : how much time you spend in your classic repository on experimentation. Ex: 15 min, from 22h15 to 22h30
  • an exploration time variable ⚛︎ : how long will you perceive yourself during the experiment. Ex: 32 years old.

The reference values are by a factor of 10
Ex: 3.2 times Ⓐ = 32 times ⚛︎

Using the time perception. ййдD hдTTeя create capacity to predict brain thinking of Яequerant. by nowing whats happen at each time in term of pheromone body activation.

L’agent remplace progressivement les séquences de mémoire de l’hФте. Brin par brin il génère une nouvelles architecture cognitive cohérente à sa structure centrale.


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